• WinnersLosers (part one) Flaka Haliti - Opening
Winners/ Losers (part one)
Winners/Losers (part one)
Flaka Haliti

Curatorial by Albert Heta

Opening: 20 March 2007, 20:00
20 March 2007 - 29 March 2007


From 20th of March until 5th April 2007 two works of two artist will be shown, both of them never won the award 'Artist of Tomorrow', organized by Kosova Art Gallery. March 20th 2007: the work of Playful Winners/Losers (1) will be exhibited in Stacion. I've heard of a definition once according to it, a program fades when it faces a unusual situation or fails to operates in an expected manner. My question is what is expected and what else is being expected from us artists, or what are we the artists expecting (from a competition like this)? We continually discuss on other corrupted systems of our society. These artists are here to help us to reflect on this process, to show us their work and they don't serve as an example of any decision made concerning their work. This selection of artwork and artists for this cycle is a personal selection. But still I can say that other artists have questioned this process that produces the winner.

Albert Heta
17 March 2007