• Dita Ethemi: Individualism, Video (2008)
Open Call 2

Open Call 2
Dita Ethemi

Curatorial by Alban Muja

Opening: 13 February, 2008, 20.00h
13 February 2008 - 7 March 2008


Dita Ethemi's work 'Individualism', in a sense tries to provoke us with the question, how important is as an artistic act. Even if this doesn't take place in front of the public or in an exhibition space. Dita, brings filmed and photographed from a phone camera, an installation done by one/numerous unknown individuals, in an unknown place. Although the presented subject is borrowed from that individual, for us, he remains unknown, - we can only imagine it,- although his act is, an artistic expression. While we are experiencing this atmosphere which was filmed by Dita, in her work 'Individualism', brings us an exceptional pleasure. Maybe, this wasn't the idea of the unknown individual to do art, but of course, the artist found the way to borrow his atmosphere and to transform this into an artwork. On the other hand, it is even less important if the artist says, that this what she is presenting is art, and not the actual act of this mythological individual, that might not be ancient, since in that space, there are graffiti's, drawings and writings. Maybe, all what is presented here, are the remains of a short stay in this space and what we see is a none ecological installation, which confronts the image of nature. One thing is for sure and this is the moment when the author/authors of this act (in the need to escape from this reality, at least for few hours, days) left the place, taking with them all the personal belongings and leaving behind only the 'possibility' for an artwork, and this 'possibility' Dita Ethemi used it good.

Alban Muja
February 2008