Stacion - Center for Contemporary Art Prishtina is a contemporary art institution working at the nexus of contemporary art, architectural research, interdisciplinary education, and public policy.

Established in 2006, Stacion is a space produced for artists and other socio-political workers committed to reflecting on and responding to relevant challenges in contemporary society. Our collective approach is active, critical, and emancipatory.

Stacion acts as a social platform: fostering dialogue with various, intersecting publics; working with clear social and political intentions; encouraging an engaged and grounded approach to artistic practice, architectural research, and public policy; promoting interdisciplinary education; fomenting intellectual independence; and working to create conditions where contemporary thought and practice can freely flourish.

In response to the current socio-political and economic climate, Stacion initiated Summer School as School, a unique, collaborative, international pedagogical program based in Prishtina. The program has modeled new progressive education approaches based on interdisciplinarity and devoted to regional and international collaboration.

Today, Summer School as School is a leading collaborative platform for art and discourse, and a model for new pedagogical practices in the region of Southeastern Europe. Stacion draws upon locally-rooted approaches as well as regional, European, and international processes. With an engaged international faculty, Summer School as School germinates this model of education and artistic collaboration, repositioning the region in relation to its international coordinates. Stacion is committed to the advancement and emancipation of Kosovo’s artistic, social, and cultural environments.