• One week after
One Week After
One week after
Alketa Xhafa

Curatorial by Albert Heta

Opening: 16 March 2007, 20.00

A flash will happen this Friday at Stacion. But this nothing, in this case is everything. Everything surrounded with (expensive) gold and striped from an interpretation.

A bit like deja vu. An intervention which can also be nothing that we didn't see just few days ago.

This flash, this unique and short aberrance of this work, this obvious and public kidnapping of the doll, from a platform where it is still positioned, and placed in another platform, is a special moment when two art institutions are connected with doll and an artist; Furthermore, this intervention is an attempt to see this work one more time and to challenge interpretations that were associated with it. Naked! The road to get here was fast and fantastic.

According to the dictionary, the term flash means:

flash verb
to cause light to appear suddenly or in brief bursts from something, or to appear in this way
to reflect light suddenly or briefly, or make something such as a lamp reflect from a surface
to burst into flame suddenly, or cause something to burst into flame
to signal to somebody or communicate something by quickly turning lights on and off
to move or pass very quickly in a particular direction
to appear briefly, or show something briefly
to expose the genitals briefly and intentionally in public (slang)
to show off or display something in order to impress people (informal)
to fill something suddenly with a great flow of water
to cover the surface of an object with a thin coating, usually for protection or as a stage in processing
to install flashing on a roof joint or window joint to make it waterproof

flash noun
a sudden bright display of light, fire, or something bright
a sudden occurrence of an emotional mood or intellectual activity
a brief moment or instant
a patch of light or bright color on a dark background, for example, on an animal's coat
the brief illumination of a subject for photographic purposes
a device used in flash photography to produce a short, bright light (informal)
a flashlight (informal)
a sudden rush of water down a watercourse, or a device that produces this
a sudden important news story requiring immediate broadcast (informal)
(informal) See hot flash
the sudden effects felt when taking a mind-altering recreational drug (slang)
a badge or insignia on a uniform or vehicle
in Highland dress, a short strip of colored material folded over the garter and protruding below the folded-over top of the socks (usually used in the plural)
the language used by criminals, thieves, and their associates (archaic slang)

Encarta World English Dictionary, © 1999 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Developed for Microsoft by Bloomsbury Publishing Plc.