• Agim Balaj and Dritëro Nikqi: 7

Agim Balaj and Dritëro Nikqi

Curatorial by Albert Heta
Opening: 27 February 2013, 19:00

Stacion - Center for Contemporary Art Prishtina, as part of the'Space Program' presents project '7' by Agim Balaj and Dritero Nikqi.

Agim Balaj was born in Prizren (1980), he graduated in the Faculty of Economics at the University of Prishtina. His photography and videos focus on the architecture of space and the elements of life in the city. Agim Balaj lives in Prishtina.

Dritero Nikqi was born in 24 January 1979. During the 90's, he was an active part of the music scene in Prishtina. After the war he founded and was a member of the bands and projects such as Por-no, Ambasadi, Retrovizorja. Mid 2000, Dritero Nikqi founded Studio C, where he produced and engineered most of his projects, whilst doing freelance work outside Kosova. In the last decade he wrote music for documentaries, feature films and audio books. An avid fan of table tennis. 

Project 7 is the first collaboration between Agim Balaj and Dritero Nikqi.
Project 7 is the only event within the annual program of 2013, which uses the basic structure of the 'Space Program'module as an exhibition platform. The 'Space Program' as a working module was thought to create space within a defined structure of the program.

'Rethinking the (social) space program' is the main project of the work of Stacion- Center for Contemporary Art Prishtina, for the year 2013. 

'Agim Balaj and Dritero Nikqi: 7' is supported by The Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports of The Republic of Kosova, Uje Rugove, X-print and DZG.