• Ivan Moudov: Wine for Openings
Wine for Openings

Wine for openings
Ivan Moudov

Opening: 29 December 2008, 19:00hrs.
29 December 2008 - 30 January 2009

Artist Talk: 30 December 2008, 13:00hrs live on Rrokum.tv
Venue: Rrokum.tv

'Wine for openings' by Ivan Moudov intentionally coincides with the first exhibition opened in Stacion in 29.12.2006. Fainting with Bujar Sylejmani and Jakup Ferri (http://www.stacion.org/?cid=2,2,59&mode=article), a curatorial by Albert Heta, started the exhibition program of Stacion Center for Contemporary Art and initiated a unique journey. The project stationed in this (lost g.f.s.) city working with the city country and what is moving out there.

One fast grab of a paragraph out of a text by Iara Boubnova on Ivan Moudov, says the following:The works of Ivan Moudov manage to infiltrate reality and the space of everyday life while creating a small pause/opening that provides the opportunity to see the ordinary at a different angle, with certain disbelief and slightly didactic chuckle. The artist does not aim to be critical, he is not searching for a distance nor does he claim to look down on reality. He is just squeezing into the situation while using its own language and means.

'Wine for openings' by Ivan Moudov for us is a perfect but short moment to enjoy and reflect on the past and work the future.

Ivan Moudov is born 1975 in Sofia, Bulgaria. Lives and works in Sofia.
His works have been exhibited extensively. Among others his work was exhibited at the Bulgarian Pavilion 'A Place You Have Never Been Before', 52nd Venice Biennial, curated by Vessela Nozharova, 'I (ICH) An exhibition in three acts, Performative Ontology', Secession, Vienna, curated by Vit Havranek, 'Wild Capital', Kunsthaus Dresden, Dresden, 'Dialectics of Hope', 1st Moscow Biennial of Contemporary Art, Moscow, curated by Joseph Backstein, Daniel Birnbaum, Iara Boubnova, Nicolas Bourriaud, Rosa Martinez, Hans-Ulrich Obrist , 'Love it or leave it', 5th Cetinje Biennale, Cetinje / Montenegro, Dubrovnik / Croatia, Tirana / Albania, curated by Rene Block, Natasa Ilic, 'In the Gorges of the Balkans', Fridericianum Museum, Kassel, curated by Rene Block, 'Blood & Honey', The Essl Collection, Vienna, curated by Harald Szeemann, 'Reconstructions', 4th Cetinje Biennial, Montenegro, curated by Iara Boubnova and Andrej Erofeev, 'Manifesta 4', The European Biennial of Contemporary Art, Frankfurt/Main, curated by Stephanie Moisdon Trembley, Nuria Enguita Mayo, Iara Boubnova, 'In Search of Balkania', Neue Galerie, Graz, curated by Roger Conover, Eda Cufer, Peter Weibel.
In 2008 he had solo exhibitions 'Trick Or Treat', at Kunstverein Braunschweig, Braunschweig, 'Ivan Moudov, Welcome', at prometeogallery di Ida Pisani, Milan, curated by Katia Anguelova, 'Ivan Moudov', The 1st at Moderna, at Moderna Museet, Stockholm, curated by Ulf Eriksson.

Albert Heta
22 December 2008

p.s. No1. For 2009 we will ask the following: What did this project (Stacion Center for Contemporary Art) bring to this scene and was the scene ready for us? Will our future show again that an island is the whole world when surrounded by the big black sea around you?

p.s. No2. Ivan Moudov's exhibition at Stacion Center for Contemporary Art Prishtina was initiated by Alban Muja.