• Snowman, Video (2007)
Best of Snowman

Best of Snowman
Curatorial by Albert Heta

Opening: 11 May 2007, 20:00
11 May 2007 - 11 June 2007

Snowman is another show on another culture. It is a show about the snow people and Snowman.
There is an e-mail list connecting people that like skiing and snowboarding. The Snowman list is both an e-mail list and a culture. It's the culture of enjoying life and a network of people that share a mountain. Maybe more than artists in Prishtina or the international image of them, they define the other side of this country and the beautiful side of life.
Oh! And there is another side of this story! Imagine an Albanian that doesn't speak Serbian and talks in Albanian to a Serb that doesn't know any Albanian. And this is a real story and not a construction or a fake story of an Albanian form Mitrovica talking to a Serb from Belgrade that pretends not to know each other's language but somehow try to communicate and strangely understand each other. This is a case of an Albanian form Llap, skiing in Brezovica and talking to a Serb from Shterpce trying to find out how much does one ride in a Teleferique cost!
And it functions beautifully. It's 5 euros for the whole day, if you give them to me and not to the cashier.

This is not another KFOR TV commercial.

Albert Heta
28 April 2007