• Shelbatra Jashari:Writing Piece
Writing Piece

Shelbatra Jashari: Writing piece
27 March 2013, 20:00 - 23:00

Artist statement
A woman, sitting on a chair, not allowing light to enter her eyes, offers her body to audience and passersby as a canvas for poetic explorations through words, drawings and re-positioning of limbs that the audience can courageously put into different positions. The construction of this character allows the audience to enter in a playful space and to be confronted with a character in development, to go into a dialogue far beyond the superficial needs of sharing a drink, but rather sharing the thirst for a spiritual quest into representation, roots, meditation, endurance and visibility/ invisibility.

Artist bio
Shelbatra Jashari (born in Prishtina) is an actress, audiovisual artist and performer working within the fields of film, movement, sound and space and focusing on the sculptural qualities of the body, the human condition and the representation thereof in various political and thinking systems as main points of interest. She mastered in audiovisual arts at the Hogeschool Sint Lukas Brussels with a body of work researching the independent celluloid film tradition and the historical roots of the illusional arts called cinema. Her main points of thematic research centered on the visual representation of the human body and the different politics and strategies used therein in West East North South, communism/capitalism/orientalism.

Metamorphosis, myth, literary and audiovisual tradition, the interpretation of history and its misuse into various political systems were themes for creating narratives of esthetical visual experience expressed in installations and short films.
Her film work has been screened worldwide and awarded at the Courtisane film festival in Belgium in 2004 and 2007.
After years of collaborations with various international artists, theater makers and art organizations, she is currently designing her performative body of work based on encompassing the relationship between the human body and its transformative/animalistic elements, physical endurance, meditative practices and philosophies. This through different techniques and traditions such as martial arts, dance, yoga and photographic modeling.

"My work is developed through the never-ending story on the choice of the right space, time and material/medium so that synthesis can take place between the body, the created image and the external environment.
It's about finding the perfect moment and entanglement for separate entities to become one, about looking for the higher connection between space, time and character-development. It’s about finding simple solutions for complicated problems”.

Shelbatra Jashari: Writing piece is part of Space Program.

Supported by: Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports of the Republic of Kosova, Directorate for Culture, Youth and Sports of the Municipality of Prishtina, Uje Rugove, X-print and DZG