• TICA at Stacion
TICA at Stacion

TICA at Stacion

24 September 2007, 19:00

TICA - Tirana Institute of Contemporary art is the first centre for contemporary art in Albania. TICA is founded in 2006 and  is running a vivid program with exhibitions, film screenings and workshops.

One important part of TICA´s program is a three-latheral artists in residency program. The residency program offers with the possibility for one artist from Albania, one from the rest of the Balkans and one from the rest of the world to live and work with their projects in Tirana for two months. 

One of the founders and project leaders Tina Finnäs will give a presentation about TICA on Monday 24 September, starting form 19.00hrs at Stacion- Center for Contemporary Art, Prishtina.

TICA is founded and directed by: 
Tina Finnäs (artist and project leader),  Joa Ljungberg (curator and project leader),  Monica Melin (artist and project leader), Edi Muka  (curator and project leader), Gezim Qendro (curator and project leader) , Stefano Romano (artist, curator and project leader) 

For more information about TICA please visit: www.tica-albania.org