• Event0: Identity Restoration

Event0: Identity Restoration
27 June 2007, 13:00

Panelists: Isuf Berisha, Baton Haxhiu, Aasmund Andersen, Valon Murati, Migjen Kelmendi, Albert Heta.

Moderated by Petrit Selimi.

Kosovo has entered in to the process of defying its political future, in a dialog with Serbia, with the mediation of the United Nations. The political framework still to be negotiated is some sort of conditional independence. The time factor is a new hurdle and important challenge for the process. Regardless of the actual wording of the final statutes solution, Kosovars are in the midst of the nation building efforts, intertwined with the already ongoing transitional processes.

How has the political process reflected on the cultural landscape? What will be the symbolic identifying marks of the new identity and how are the power structures using artistic expression to define, or generate a specific set of cultural characteristics for Kosova?

These questions should undoubtedly occupy the minds of both cultural producers and culture policy makers. The module will seek to provide the meaningful contribution to public discourse on the Kosova's attempts (re) define its internal dynamics as well as relations to the outside world.

This event is organized in cooperation with FORUM 2015.

Event0: Identity Restoration is part of Politics and Contemporary Art, project by Stacion - Center for Contemporary Art Prishtina is supported by Pro Helvetia - Swiss Culture Program in Kosovo and Kosova Foundation for Open Society.