• Sislej Xhafa
Sislej Xhafa: Presentation of works

Sislej Xhafa: Presentation of works

26 January 2007, 19:00, Prishtina, Kosova.

Today starting form 19:00, Sislej Xhafa will present his works. This presentation is organised within the workshop Snowman

Starting from 22nd until 26th January 2007, Stacion Center for Contemporary Art is organizing the workshop Snowman with artist Sislej Xhafa.

Born in Peja, Kosova in 1970, Xhafa studied at the Academy of Fine Arts, Florence from 1993-97, the Chelsea School of Arts, London from 1991-92, and the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, Minneapolis in 1994-95. Sislej Xhafa currently lives and works in New York and Italy. Xhafa is known for subversive performance works, which address the social, economical and political realities of tourism and geographical relations, and the complex forces that form a modern global societies.

Participation in the workshop is free and is not restricted by former artistic education or practice. To register for participation write to: info@stacion.org or call us at +377 (0)44 116 896 and+377 (0)44 143 555

The workshop starts on January 22 at 11:00.