• Artist talk: Alketa Ramaj
Artist talk: Alketa Ramaj

Alketa Ramaj: No Title
Curatorial by Albert Heta

Artist talk: 22 February, 2014, at 19:00

Alketa Ramaj, Born in 1983 in Përmet, Albania. She is currently based in Tirana and Venice. In 2006 she graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts of Tirana. Alketa Ramaj is the winner of the 2013 “Ardhje” award and the 2012 “Onufri” prize.  She has exhibited in numerous exhibitions in Albania and abroad. Some of her selected exhibitions include the  2011 International Film Festival Amsterdam;  “What Happened to the general?” at the FAP Gallery (2011); “Muslim Mulliqi Prize” at the National Gallery of Kosova (2008); “Constructing space” Deutsche Welle Berlin (2008);  “ Tirana-Transfer” Badischer Kunstverein, Karlsruhe, Germany (2006). Alketa Ramaj was also an artist in residence, among others in TICA- Tirana Institute of Contemporary Art (2011) and the Balkans Beyond Borders “Who is afraid of the Big Bad Crises?” in Athens (2011)