• Dan Perjovschi
Rethinking (Social) Space Program

The project ‘Rethinking (social) space program’ is the main segment of the working program of Stacion – Center for Contemporary Art Prishtina for 2013.

‘Rethinking (social) space program’ is based on magnifying the working module Space program’, a module designed to create space within the defined program structure of Stacion- Center for Contemporary Art Prishtina.

‘Rethinking (social) space program’ is conceptually based on a reading of Henri Lefebre thesis, that all social space is produced. This thesis, seen from continues analysis of our context is easily revealed in our requests and expectations that social space and the city that was ‘once produced’ for us, to still be there, or in the belief that it was always there. Even though, when the subject requests to find and use this social space, the space for dialogue and shelter of the minorities in thoughts, in its first steps is confronted only with the absence of the social space and space for independent thought. This finding never or rarely produces the courage to think ‘rethinking’ and ‘reproducing’ it.

‘Rethinking (social) space program’ aims to raise discussions and to create models of social space, through the program modules that as a whole create a complex intervention in this time and social context.

Only the first event in the project (27 February 2013, space program with the project ‘7’, with Agim Balaj and Dritëro Nikqi) will have the initial structure of the module ‘Space Program’. The other events are part of the project and are magnified in relation to this module and with the initial thesis of the project.

‘Rethinking (social) space program’ sees the social space as ‘released’ from the imposed physical and mental isolation of our society. The creation of the new models of international exchange and transmission of the content that is created in Kosovo, is part of the continuous work of Stacion – Center for Contemporary Art Prishtina

The project ‘Rethinking (social) space program’ aims to keep the international focus the contemporary art scene of Kosovo, the practice of artists and independent institutions in Kosovo.