• Santefaction


What is public space and what is happening with public spaces in Prishtina and Ljubljana? Analysing cities like Ljubljana and Prishtina, where in which public spaces are undergoing a transition from collective public ownership into private, is more about the understanding of what is private interest and public interest and how these two can function in collaboration and not always always be in conflict with one another. With the dissolution of the state that had the full authority and administration over public spaces, the public space either remained un-administered neglected by the new state or the private initiative took over and not only administered and maintained public spacess but in many cases used the public space for private interests.

Today’s trends and practices by architects and artists try to stimulate residents to actively participate, involve into processes of urban planning and administration managent of public spaces so they can have a greater role in shaping and maintaining public spaces more after in tune with their needs and visions.

The aim of this workshop is to map the existing situation and trigger communication with residents of an apartment block in Prishtina, in the urban dictionary known as Sante. Sante used to be one of the popular cafés that existed during 1990's in this area. This café no longer exists but the area is still known as Sante and is today a location, where many other cafes exist today. At the same time The area is also a big residential area in the center of Prishtina.

Based on an experimental research and approach, in collaboration with the community, the workshop will collaboratively analyse and explore the potentials of this site area for socializing, interaction, children's play and a new imagination.


Polonca Lovsin, KUD Obrat
Vala Osmani & Albert Heta, Stacion - Center for Contemporary Art Prishtina

All interested should send a short cv at info@prishtinaarchitectureweek.com by 12:00 28 June 2015