• Nebojsa Milikić at Summer School as School 2021
Nebojsa Milikić: Imagination Training
Nebojsa Milikić at Summer School as School 2021
August 6, 2021, 20:00
Venue: Boxing Club

Nebojsa Milikić: Imagination Training In Sweet Revenge to Antiheroic Troublemakers
(From Classical Despise via Class Hatred towards Classy Punishment)

Any time the TINA (There IS NO ALTERNATIVE) World is struggling with its contradictions and conflicts, it is the questions and answers about the radical change that are at stake. Among variety of their concepts and contents there is still a unifying topic – a central role of the working class in the expected change. On the other hand it appears that supposed revolutionary subject is unrecognizable in a current distribution or positions and resources in the globalized organization and division of work resulting in the globally atomized workers’ movements and struggles. The question arises is it still a historical task of popular art and culture to trace the spirit of revolution and hence the revolutionary subjects’ profiles in social and political sphere, detecting and outlining their possible or probable hosts? If so, some worrying phenomenon in popular culture is observable – a vilification and defamation of a figure of a working class/oppressed/low born characters. While early theoreticians of “crowd” claimed that a civic individual immanently loses or voluntarily gives up personality and subjectivity to the “mob psychology”, more recent fears of that type can easily reorient the argumentation so to ascribe the senselessness of the masses (in fact fractions of working classes) to monstrous individuals.

The presentation will offer an insight into this problematic as noticed in recent mainsteram film production.


Nebojša Milikić (1964)
Nebojša Milikić is a Cultural worker and producer who lives and works in Belgrade, Serbia. Since 1990 he has been engaged in political activism, organizational, artistic and curatorial practice in visual and relational arts, independent research, as well as writing and debating about cultural and social problems. Milikić participates in a number of independent research projects and activist campaigns domestically and abroad. From 1999 onward he has worked in the Cultural Center Rex in Belgrade, as the initiator and coordinator of various programs and projects. He is a member of the initiative No To Rehabilitation and the non-governmental cultural organization ReEX, dedicated to the struggle against historical revisionism and negationism. Milikić critically writes on culture and politics and publishes on various activist and art portals. He recently edited several publications in Serbia and Romania about the political and cultural positioning of today’s middle classes.