• Freya Edmondes at Summer School as School 2021
Freya Edmondes: Lecture Performance
Freya Edmondes at Summer School as School 2021
August 2, 2021, 21:30
Venue: Boxing Club

The presentation will include excerpts from upcoming projects born amidst the pandemic, including reflections on the ideological shifts and mutations taking place and the experience of working nomadically during the lockdown. She will discuss audio-visual methods of reciprocating context, and use of aesthetic extremity as emotive delimitation against psycho-normative functional desensitisation.


Freya Edmondes, AKA Elvin Brandhi, is an audio-visual performance artist and an erratically nomadic interdisciplinary improvisor who seeks to excavate the conditions of collective subjectivity so as to address reality beyond function. Prosumer apoplexy.