• AFER-A Artistët e Përsosur
Module 2 The Perfect Artist

Module 2 part of the program AFER-A utilizes the discursive - educational program The Perfect Artist curated by Ivana Vaseva.

The Perfect Artist is a practical and theoretical course primarily intended for young artists, with an idea to broaden the scope of their artistic interests, to create a space for critical analysis and examination of the art production within the overall social and political context, as well as offer practical tools for nurturing their artistic practice.

The neoliberal reality has banished the arts' equal distribution, deepening precarity. Thus, the lack of working rights of cultural workers, of opportunities for work in the art field, the lack of development funds and funds that would stimulate a rise in artistic possibilities and aspirations, as well as the retrograde education system, are the reasons behind the development of this program. Consequently, the idea is to focus on critical analysis of the overall context and its implications in arts and culture, dialogue, an exchange of experience and debate, through both practice and theory, an endeavour that could establish social inclusion of the young artists and their political and social education.

The Perfect Artists part of AFER-A by Stacion - Center for Contemporary Art Prishtina led by Ivana Vaseva is organised in Prishtina from February 22 to  26, 2022. The deadline for applications: 11 February 2022.

The program includes local, regional and international guest lecturers. It primarily focuses on ten selected young Kosovan artists under 35 years of age; however, everyone interested can participate. The five-day program will involve presentations of the project proposals, presentations of CVs, portfolios, artist talks and lectures, screenings, presentations by guest lecturers, the reworking of CVs and portfolios, and commentary of project proposal presentations of selected artists under 35 years of age working in Kosovo.

The Perfect Artist was organized for the first time in North Macedonia in 2017, as one of the program segments of the Faculty of things that can't be learned – FR~U, developed for the Denes Young Visual Artists Award.

The Denes Award is an award for young visual artists under 35 in North Macedonia established in 2002, similar to the Artist of Tomorrow Award organized in Kosovo by Stacion - Center for Contemporary Art Prishtina. The Denes Award and the Artist of Tomorrow Award are part of the international network Young Visual Artists Awards in Central and South-Eastern Europe, awarding young artists with a two-month artists residency in New York.


Each module and activity of the AFER-A Program will respect the measures suggested by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kosovo against the spread and infection with the Covid-19 virus.

AFER-A is supported by the Youth Department of the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports.