• Summer School as School 2021: Course 10
Course10: How to develop, pitch and write long form journalism?
Course10: How to develop, pitch and write long form journalism?
by Scott Anthony
2 – 7 August, 2021

Application deadline: July 16, 2021.

Course Description
Developing high quality creative research projects is extremely time consuming – it’s also a process that can generate considerable material stress.
As a result, over the last ten years, while developing seasons, exhibitions, and creative projects, I’ve often appropriated material generated by my creative research into paid long-form journalism. In addition to easing material problems, I’ve found this work can also be useful in generating new leads, testing reactions to your work, and for building larger networks of sympathetic collaborators.
Building on this experience, this course is designed to help you make greater use of the research you produce. We’ll look at how you can develop long-form writing projects – the components you need and where to get them, the formats that can help you package them, and the literary devices that can best frame your work. We’ll also look at how, when, and where to pitch.

The class mixes the examination of case studies with group discussions and workshops. There will be some reading before the class and at times you’ll be asked to prepare short pieces of writing and bring them to class with you.

Scott Anthony is a writer and historian currently based in Singapore. Alongside a career in writing at Future Publishing, The Guardian and The Times in the UK he's worked for the BBC, the Victoria and Albert Museum, the British Film Institute, the Science Museum and the National Football Museum on a range of projects, events and exhibitions

10 participants will be selected to participate in this course. Eligible participants must read the Terms, fill out the application form, upload the required documents and submit the application form. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Scholarships are available for participants from Kosovo.
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