Altered Identities: On Nationalism and Contemporary Art
Altered Identities
Workshop on Contemporary Art and Nationalism

8- 10, June 2006.

Altered Identities - Workshop on Contemporary Art and Nationalism brings together 15 artists and writers mainly from the Balkan region and from the Nordic countries to discuss relation between nationalism and visual art; how contemporary artists deal with populist nationalist movements, how they formulate their national heritage and interpret influence of nationalism in their work.

Aim of the workshop is also to open a debate on nationalism in the contemporary art scene in third world countries like Kosova, where state and national identity are still under construction. Also, the globalistic protectorate system of the political structure in Kosova with NATO and UNMIK make this state visually and theoretically even more interesting.

The three days of the workshop are structured around presentations and panel discussions, which are moderated by Kosovar sociologist Sezgin Boynik.

Workshop will be held in the Kosova Art Gallery, with the opening session on June 8th, 11.00 hrs, and is open to public.

Altered Identities is organized by Stacion – Center for Contemporary Art, Prishtina and is part of the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Norden Balkan Culture Switch programme.

Supported by Nordic Council of Ministers, Exit - Peje, Office for Contemporary Art Norway, Kosova Art Gallery, Prishtine