• Branimir Stojanović at Summer School as School 2019
Branimir Stojanović: Svi Govore (Everybody is talking)

Branimir Stojanović at Summer School as School 2019
14 August, 2019, 20:00
Venue: Boxing Club

Summer School as School
5 - 21 August, 2019

Stacion - Center Contemporary Art Prishtina has the pleasure to announce "Svi Govore (Everybody is talking)" by Branimir Stojanović, part of the Public Program of Summer School as School 2019.

The idea of social ownership, in this case, tested in the field of art, implicates a number of questions and introduces seemingly eternal dilemmas into a complex polemical situation - who creates artwork and who interprets it, what does it mean to exhibit on an exhibition, and what to say about art, what is considered institutional, social and political context of art, that we talk about here?
Among the questions raised is the extent to which the subjectivity of each of the sixty actors in Stojanovic's video compilation is embedded in a collective interpretative mechanism that returns to the question of the relationship of the individual artist, the artistic community, and the institution of "art" - in this case representative annual exhibitions with tradition ( and awards).
That is, in which way and on whose behalf the speech in the first person of each speaker - artist - volunteer confirms or questions the assumption of the dominance of curatorial interpretative strategies and methods over the individual "cases" of artistic practices about which and on behalf of which "everyone speaks".
Finally, how is it possible to speak of an artwork that subverts the ambience and context in which it is exhibited and conflicts with the exhibition in which it is presented?

Branimir Stojanović lives and works in Belgrade. In his work situated between philosophy, psychoanalysis and art, he deals with practices of writing and conceptual political interventions in institutional philosophical contexts, art and psychoanalysis. He is the founder and a member of the self-educated program, archive of Yugoslav humanistic, Ignorant School master and his committees (2010-2015), member of artistic Monumet group (2004-2013), founder and lecturer in School of history and theory of art (1999-2003), member of Belgrade society of pshychoanalysts (2002). Since 1980 he publishes texts and essays int he field of pshylosophy, theory of pshychoanalysis, criticism of ideology and theory of art.