• Summer School as School
Following the successful collaboration project initiated in 2015, Stacion – Center for Contemporary Art Prishtina is pleased to announce the date for Summer School as School 2018.

The program is held July 16 – August2, 2018.

Summer School as School is an interdisciplinary art and education platform, based in Prishtina.

With Summer School as School, Stacion – Center for Contemporary Art Prishtina and partner institutions have created a unique collaborative international educational platform based in Prishtina, as a progressing model; developing an interdisciplinary curriculum and engaging practitioners in sharing knowledge and expertise with international students and the public.

Originally inspired by the case of Kosovo, where the education system was structured in the mid-1970s, Summer School as School is designed to unite and disseminate critical knowledge and address relevant challenges of today, implementing new models and possibilities in art education and artistic collaboration.

The program for 2018 is structured as a hub with eleven courses, combining theory-based and production classes, public lectures and presentations, guided tours, exhibitions and performances, producing a unique experience for participants and the public.

Full program and faculty of Summer School as School 2018 will be announced in January 2018.